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Suggestion: Edit VI Documentation from Icon Editor

I saw a good idea about the icon editor in the idea exchange:


  I do agree. When I could write the VI documentation from the Icon Editor, I would write it more often.

Who could implement this?

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The icon editor source code is available on this website, so, in theory, anyone with the requisite skill could implement it.  Doing so and posting it here would greatly increase the possibility of natively finding it in a new version of LabVIEW.

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I have edited some IE VIs. Editing VI documentation is possible now.

The modified files are here: Editing VI Documentation ...

(the files which have changed automatically are not included in the zip file)

Known limitations

  • Undo and Redo leave out the documentation elements
    • At least it does this consequently now


  • Documentation can be edited
  • Cancel works
  • Copy and paste by <ctrl>-c and <ctrl>-v in the documentation strings works

Proposal what to do next

  • Testing!
    • Does Documentation editing always work?
    • Is Icon Editing still working in any case?
    • Does non development installation work as described?
      (I do not have any fresh installation to test this)
  • Inplement Undo and Redo
    • KeyDown.vi does not discard <ctrl>-z and <ctrl>-<shift>-z while a documentation text element has the focus (LabVIEW handles this itself)
      • Check if one of the element has the focus
      • or introduce a new enum entry in Support.Action in the Data Cluster
    • Record the changes of the documentation cluster in the value change event in "lv_icon.vi"
      • This is somehow done with "Add Data to History.vi" and "Replay Data from History.vi"
      • I am lost here, sorry.
  • Implement doc editing for type "Icon from App Method"
    • in "lv_doc_edit.lvlib"
    • What is an app method? I have no idea what to open.

Feel free to use and modify the code

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published a bugfix version (still here Editing VI Documentation ...)


Correct tab page "Layers" is shown or hidden when selected in menu.

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