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Public Folder for templates?


Is there a public folder for templates the the editor looks into?

I want to install a package that would put .pngs in my icon templates folder hierarchy.

Is there a location for all users?

Or just the current user - <osdatadir>?


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All the glyphs and icon templates are stored in the LabVIEW Data folder under My Documents.

You can find the glyphs folder under My Documents\LabVIEW Data\Glyphs\ and the icon templates under My Documents\LabVIEW Data\Icon Templates\

Based on this fact, the glyphs and icon templates are user specific.

The entire hierarchy of both folders is displayed in the tree controls in the icon editor.

On every launch the icon editor reads at first the binary files which are located in the root folder of glyphs and templates. This mechanism is used to populate the glyphs and icons right away. During the initialization the icon editor indexes both folders and updates the UI and the binary files with the most recent data.

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In our Company we are working  with SubVersion (SVN) and it would be Nice if we could set the Folder for the Templates and the Glyphs to an other Path to share my Templates with the other LV developers.

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