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I am currently writing a simple tool which will be used by LabVIEW developers and want to include the Icon editor as part of the build.  However it seems it seems that the NI Icon editor does not like being built into an executable.  I ma using the "Launch Icon Editor.vi" from the AP but it wont allow me to load the fron panel. 


I am thinking this is by design from NI but can someone confirm this is the case or give me a hint on how to do it if possible.


I am guessing the only other option is to launch it via a LabVIEW application reference and run it in the development environment.  It was just preferable to embedd it in the exe as we run lots of different labview versions and setting the port for VI Server is doable but a bit of a pain.




LabVIEW 2012
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There is a fair bit of functionality in the Icon Editor that is not supported in the run-time engine. Unfortunately for your use case, the icon editor was not designed to be built into an EXE.

DNatt, NI
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Thought as much,


Thanks for letting me know Darren.



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