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[Bug] Icon Text Moves (unlawfully) to Banner


When I open the Icon Editor the Icon Text moves from the body to the banner.

All I can think is that I just upgraded the Icon Editor this morning!


Is anyone else having this issue?

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What layers do you have on this icon?

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Hi Th Sa

Thanks for your reply

This setup worked fine for me in the native installed version, after the upgrade to the new IE, I got the problem.

It seems I can fix it by making the template a full 32x32 and including a body, then it knows where to put the Icon Text correctly.

However, every old Icon I have created is now moving the Icon Text to the banner!

And thats a lot of Icons for me to fix!

Is this a bug that will be fixed? I don't want to roll back if there are fixes in the new release

Or am I better off upgrading my banner templates to include a body as well?

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I am now 100% this is a bug introduced into the upgrade.

Attached is a screenshot of the same VI above, run in LV2009 on my work PC without the upgrade

Its as it was when I designed it.


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sorry for the late response.

Actually the shipped version of the IE doesn't handle it properly, therefore a slightly modified version made it into the patch.

The thinking is, that the auto-center text should only take place inside the boundaries of a shape that is different from transparent. This doesn't happen in case of templates that are smaller than 32x32. In any other case, which means that if there are only user layers in use, the auto-center behaves correctly.

In ur particular case it is a wrong assumption on our side, because we dediced to show the templates for VIs and Libraries at any time, independent of the invoker type (in a very early state, we distinguished between the different views).

If other user run into this problem, I have to re-evaluate the update and provide some mutation code for LabVIEW 2010.

Here is a video, how it is supposed to work:


About how many VIs are we talking about in ur case?



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No probs on the reply, I thought it was very fast actually

You know what?

After I have watched your demo (great vid by the way - thanks) I totally understand the reasoning behind it.

And when looking at Libraries - I guess this is exactly how I would want it to work.

I was annoyed that the upgraded changed and my old ones but it just highlights that my templates should be 32x32

I do have a lot of VIs (~100+) but their lifecycle will be short  - but I have a work around now

I am glad I understand this now tho and not later

Cheers for your time!

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