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[BUG] VIT's do not remember the changes made to their icons

I'm using PJM's IE, but I believe it should have all the updates which exist in the official version. If it doesn't, tell me. This is in 2009.

  1. Create a new VI and save it as a VIT.
  2. Open the IE and make any kind of change (add text or a glyph).
  3. Close the IE. The change is seen in the icon.
  4. Open the IE again. It forgets the previous changes. They now appear as part of the image, but are not available as editable parts.

The workaround for this is to rename the VIT to VI, make the changes, save it and then rename it back to VIT.

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Looks like this has been resolved at least in 2010, if not in one of the earlier versions.

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