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Allow flexible User Icon folder specification (linked to Project would be nice ...)

I love the new Icon Editor, and use it a lot.  I have multiple LabVIEW projects which I have organized with LabVIEW Project (wow, I didn't expect a Smiley to show up there!), each saved on my hard drive in its own folder (with sub-folders underneath).  I also use (sub)version control to manage my files (particularly handy when I work from home, as I can simply "update/commit" and always have the latest version).

What I'd like to do is to have a folder inside each Project file (and LabVIEW Project) called "Icon Templates" that contains the customized Icon templates that I use for that project, and to have Icon Editor be able to "see" and use those icons.  In the Icon Editor's Tools property, there's an entry under Templates to "Save third-party icon templates", and a place to enter a path, but if I change this path to point to my "project-specific" folder, nothing seems to happen (in particular, I don't see the files that are in that folder).  The only way I've gotten it to work is to put the various project-specific icon template files directly in \LabVIEW Data\Icon Templates as their own sub-folders (e.g. Icon Templates\Project #1, Icon Templates\Project #2, etc.).  Of course, now they are not located with the rest of the Project files, making version control a little more difficult.

I have not (yet) figured out what "Third-party icon templates" are, nor how to use them (or even if they are designed to work in the manner I'm seeking).  I'd like a way of being able to associate a LabVIEW Project (which has folders of VIs) with an Icon Editor template file, preferably located someplace that I specify (specifically so I can "embed" the folder inside my Project folder and have Version Control handle everything all at once, neatly).

Bob Schor

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