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window compensation

window compensation

Is there a window compensation factor applied to the continuous signal based on the type of acquisition window used? If so, what is that factor for hanning v. flattop, v. rectangular?
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Re: window compensation

In what context are you asking this question? Are you using the Digital Filter Design Toolkit? Do you have some specific hardware setup you are using? Are you referencing particular VI's or example applications? What continuous signal are you referring to? Where is it coming from and where are you analyzing it? Where are you setting what type of acquisition window to use?

Please provide a little more information, and I'll be happy to look further into the issue.
Robert Mortensen
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National Instruments
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Re: window compensation

Yes, we are using LMS right now but are interested in LabView. For microphone or accelerometer measurements we are acquiring continuous acoustic or vibration (respectively) signals using the Hanning window. However, we calibrate the instruments with flattop window. LMS applies a compensation factor of 2 to data acquired with a hanning window and 4.18 for data acquired with a flattop window. (this is in amplitude mode, e.g.pascals).
So my question is, what does LabView do with windowed data, if anything.
>Raye, Unthusiast
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Re: window compensation

I would suggest you look at Chapter 5 ("Smoothing Windows")of the LabVIEW Analysis Concepts document.

You might also want to look at:



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