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ni 9234 is that possbile to connect microphone and acceleration senoser on the same 9234 module


I heard 9234 can support diff sensors, vel. accel, voltage, microphone, eddy current.


I try two tasks on diff 9234 module, it does not work. error, resource are engaged.


I guess that only same type of sensors can be used on the same 9234 module?


or my mxDAQ task should be modified to accomendate diff sensors.


I attached my vi.



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The 9234 has one analog input subsystem. Therefore, it can only be used by one DAQmx task at a time. Add all of your channels to the same task. DAQmx tasks support combinations of channel types that can be used simultaneously. 


Multiple Measurement Types in a single Task.png

NI Sound and Vibration
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Following up questions:


1) How can I get the AI configuration Xcontrol  vi, is that from labview vi panel?

I get this page:  http://www.ni.com/white-paper/3198/en/             it tells more on how to use this Xcontrol, I am trying on this now.



2) synchronization, I have one NI 9205 (acoustic AI) and one NI 9234 (vibration singal AI) module on the same cDAQ9188 chassis. My understanding is that two modules are naturally synchronized, since I used the default trigger and on board clocking.  If this two modules are not sync,  I may need put the vib and acoustic AI into same 9234 module, because perfect sync is indispensible for our app


3) I got cDAQ 9188 (low speed DAQ) and PCIe which can do AI at 2Msps (HIGH SPEED).  But I heard from NI engineer that I should use low speed device to trigger high speed PCIe device (using start trigger),  it is hard for me to understand.



Thanks very much

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Could you please share your example vi to control 9234, I can not loate the VI, and it seems to take time to build suc h a vi.


I search this forum,  NI 9205 and NI 9234 will not auto sync if they are started in different task.  so my plans are 

1) put two modules in same task, not sure it is possible

2) put normal voltage AI into NI9234 module

3) using digital start trigger, which is too hard for me as a beginner. 



Anyway, I have no choice but looking into trigger, as I need to sync PCIe and cDAQ later.


Thanks very much.

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I use the XControl that ships with the Sound and Vibration Toolkit. Evaluate the full version of SVMS from ni.com/soundandvibration


The DAQmx Configuration XControl will quickly let you see if you can add channels from a 9205 and a 9234 to a single task. Your synchronization strategy will depend on whether or not you can put these modules in the same task. In the case where they can't be added to the same task, refer to the DAQmx synchronization examples for LabVIEW. I use Example Finder to select the closest example for my application and use that as a reference.

NI Sound and Vibration
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