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Will PCI-4451 work on W10?

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I have an accelerometer calibration system based on the PCI-4451 card currently installed in a XP OS computer.  Our organization is pushing to upgrade to W10.  This is a big generational leap--will my PCI card work on the newer OS?

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Looking at DAQmx driver & OS compatibility version 15.5 is the earliest that can support Win10.


And looking at DAQmx v15.5 readme, PCI-4451 is no longer supported.


So, you're left with,

  1. Convince your IT to leave those system run on WinXP
  2. Choose the latest DSA card that you can continue for at least a dozen years
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I've pretty much decided to push back on IT.  They can pound sand.  The system works fine but they want W10 for the increased security & ability to run scheduled updates on all corporate PCs.  The XP is far behind will be always be vulnerable.


As for updating to a newer DSA--there aren't many choices and NONE of the cards/USB box models are supported by my version of Calibration Executive.  A USB-4431 would replace my old PCI-4451 but it costs nearly $3000 plus the cost of upgrading Cal Exec (old version cost $5000) is just toooooo much to replace a system that's working.


Thank you Santhosh for checking that.  I didn't know where to look for compatibility questions on old products.


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