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SNR measurement VI?

Hi Doug,


Sure, plesae see my recent post about acquiring and processing large data sets.




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           I am doing same type calculation in my code that I am calculating power of a signal after highpass filter. As you said in this thread about power calculation and you are using DC/RMS Vi but I have done it according to the power formula. Can you help me whether it is wrong or right. I just used the power formula(integration(squre of signal)/total time).


One more doubt, I want to calculate the SNR of signal of interest(noise+good) to the good signal but I am not using Sound and vibration toolkit. Its different application. Is there any special Vi that can calculate the SNR(20log(P1/P2)).

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Hey there , 


I have downloaded your attached programme and found that you have used an adaptive filter and so on ... Please, could you send me your full programme ... I will be really thankful.

 Regards , 

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I have gone through your file, when we ran it throws an error, later found that wave generation.vi file is missing. Requesting you can you please share the file.




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Are you referring to "Waveform Buffer Generation.vi"? That is a DAQmx example utility VI found at 

<LabVIEW>\examples\DAQmx\_Utility\Waveform Buffer Generation.vi


Here is VI snippet of the top-level calling VI in LabVIEW 2019.

SNR from DAQmx and LV Express.png

NI Sound and Vibration
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This thread was started many years ago. If you want to go through the thread, you can certainly pull the VIs to measure SNR from functionality that ships with LabVIEW Full. If you also have access to Sound and Vibration Toolkit, use the SV API to calculate SNR. There are ready-to-run examples, VI reference documentation, and conceptual materials that will help you confidently measure SNR, THD, THDN, SINAD, SFDR, Dynamic Range, and other audio/acoustic metrics.

NI Sound and Vibration
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I Have one doubt in the SNR formula_modified for express VI  how you came up with this equation?

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