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Dynamic Signal Acquisition

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PXI 4472 DAQmx Start VI taking a long time.

I have an issue with DAQmx Start taking up to a secoond to to execute and it's killing my cycle time.


I have a PXI 8360 with 3 PXI 4462's and 3 PXI 4472's.  I configure DAQ Task and Commit at the begining of the sequence however every time i do a DAQmx Start it takes about a second to execute.  I need to do about 5 in each Test sequence so it's eating up about 5 seconds of cycle time.  I am using DAQmx 9.7.5 drivers and Labview 2013.  We have the exact same hardware and software setup in another location but we are not seeing this issue there.


Any ideas what might be causing this would be appreciated.




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How have you verified that the start task is what is causing the one-second delay? 

Can we see a larger section of the code showing where you commit the task? 

Nathan Murphy
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Hi Nathan,


I verified this by disabling the Start Task VI.


I've attached the commit code.



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Nothing looks too strange there, but there isn't much context. Can you try running an example to see if you see the same behavior on that computer? 

Nathan Murphy
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