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PXI-4461 frequency sweep.


I'm writing a sweep function for PXI-4461 to measure frequency response. I fixed the number of samples of sine wave as 100 and the sampling frequency is varied by ten times the output frequency. The Input and Output channels clock rates are changed on the fly according to the output frequency. However, I found that the PXI-4461 is needed to stop the task before changing the clock rate, am I right? Therefore, the output signal from 4461 become on and off repeatedly due to the task start/stop. I want the signal generated continuously, any suggestions?

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If you are using LabVIEW, you could try the swept sine in the Sound and Vibration Toolkit. It uses a constant sample rate and update rate and changes the generated frequency on the fly. There are no glitches in the output.
NI Sound and Vibration
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