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Get as many samples as posible

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I I am looking for a way to campture as many samples as posible every 100ms with a NI9223 + NI-cDAQ9174 connected to a Win10 PC thru USB.


We need the sample rate to be 1Mhz, of course the real data output will be superior to what the 9223 can actually acquire but we don't really need all the data.



-What is the recommeded Acquisition Mode, Samples to Read and Rate for this task?

-Which VIs can I use tell the Modul, that it should send all the possible information and then retrive the info?

-Which architecture is recommeded?


What I trought could work:

-Set the modul to acqure 1 sample, HW timed every 1µs (DAQ assistant says the configuration is not possible)

-Set the write task with a timeout of 100ms


What I think could work:

-Set the Module to Continous Samples, 1 sample with a 1Mhz rate.

-Set the Write VI in a while loop, indexing the data and stopping the loop 100ms after

-See the imagens below. Is that doing what I want?






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Check out one of the DAQmx examples for continuous acquisition:

<LabVIEW>\examples\DAQmx\Analog Input\Voltage - Continuous Input.vi

which acquires waveform data for each channel (you can specify multiple channels in the physical channel control). 


Continuous Waveform Acquisition.png




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With a bit of modifications it workerd well. Thanks!

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