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Can I use a common sample clock for a PXIe-5413 and PXIe-6124 card?

Because the 6124 card has an internal clock of 80MHz and the 5413 of 100 MHz sometimes it is not possible to select the same sample rate, e.g. 3.2MHz, which doesn't have an integer devider for the 5413 card.

Preferably I want to use the 100 MHz clock for both, either by exporting from 5413 or using the 80Mhz for both by exporting the clock from the 6124, or use an internal clock of the chassis 1083. like the PXIe_CLK100 for both cards.The PXIe_CLK100 seems to be unknown for the 6124, but I could assign the the PXI_CLK10, but not for the 5413. Nevertheless 10MHz might be too slow.

Is there any way to do 1 of the 3 options?

By the way I'm using .Net (C# or VB.net), not Labview.



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the 6124 has a PLL to lock the internal 80 MHz  (or other timebase) to the clk10 that is tied to the clk100. just needs some configuring 😉

and you can use one PFI or RTSI   as a sample clk input soured from the 5413 for your timing... EDIT: can't find a note in the 5413 spec (on a short view) how the sampleclock can be exported .. but I assume that's possible

hint: if you use the same sampleclock for generating and sampling, choose different slopes for the devices (one rising slope and the other falling slope)


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