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4472B Sound & Vib boards - how to maintain relevancy?

Hello everyone,


I have a few PXI-4472B Sound & Vibration boards that we have used in the past with:

  • PXI-1044 chassis
  • PXI-8360 MXI Express interface

that we would connect to a laptop through a expresscard/34 -> thunderbolt 2 adapter -> thunderbolt 3 adapter...


However, I haven't been able to get this kludge to work with my machine and I assume that this method is obsolete.


I was looking at the PXIe-1083 for a solution but after some research, I do not believe the PXI-4472B boards will work with the Hybrid peripheral slots of this chassis.


I'm a bit new to NI equipment. Could anyone recommend a chassis/interface setup that could make use of our existing PXI-4472B boards? I would be interested in a low channel count (maybe 4 or 5 slots) or high channel count option (~14 slots). I'm not sure what the benefit would be of having an embedded controller versus direct interface to my laptop. Generally I take data with a Python script and my laptop has a Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port.


The application is mobile, or semi mobile data acquisition of sound & vibration data (that was probably obvious!).


Thanks in advance, everyone!


Edit: the most I have been able to see is the MXI expresscard in NI MAX...

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I admire your dedication to those modules. It sounds like they have served you well.


I don't have an immediate answer to the question you posed regarding keeping your 4472B cards relevant. I might turn the question around by asking: What features and benefits of newer hardware might compel you to invest in upgrading your portable sound and vibration measurement system rather than looking for ever more inventive ways to keep that aging system calibrated and running and connected to newer and newer laptops? cDAQ modules can match the specs of the 4472B in a more rugged form factor with lower power requirements and NO fan. 


It sounds like you have a few of the 4472B modules. Are you able to put together more modules for measurements requiring more than 24 channels? What is the most number of channels you need? Sample rate?

NI Sound and Vibration
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I think the PXIe-1083 is an excellent option to connect PXIe devices to your laptop using Thunderbolt 3. The cost makes it very attractive. If you wanted more slots, you'd have to go with something like the PXIe-1084 chassis with a PXIe-8301.


As for the cards, the PXIe-4492 is the new 4472B. If you need more than 8 channels, I would strongly suggest going with the PXIe-4497. Either way, you'll need a BNC breakout of some sort, either an InfiniBand-to-BNC cable or the BNC-2144 panel (and InfiniBand patch cables). See this link for more info. The 4497's are solid and have served well for many years.


As far as your original question, would a chassis like the PXIe-1065 not be able to use the PXI-4472B directly? It has 9 PXI slots. You could use a PXIe8301 to interface it using Thunderbolt 3. It's Mature in its life cycle, so NI probably won't offer it much longer.


The integrated controller is probably not what you want unless you want to use that controller as your "computer" (attach a monitor and keyboard to it). The effort to program interfaces to the remote controller, decide where to put the data, handle lost network connections, etc. is not trivial. Probably not worth it unless the system needs to run in a headless (unattended) mode.


Hope it helps.

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