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Meeting 18-03-2021

Quentin Alldredge - XNodes: Choose Your Own Adventure


Like a "choose your own adventure" novel, LabVIEW provides the ability to create nodes that allows the developer to choose, at edit time, how the node will execute at run time. These nodes are called XNodes and they allow a developer to create new LabVIEW "primitives" for use in other developer's code. These potentially save the developer time by simplifying tasks, making code easier to read and develop, and enabling reuse of code.



Steve Watts Encrypted SQLite


I will quickly run through what type of things we use SQLite for and Dr. James Powell's toolkit, showing it being used in our template for configuration. And then I'll show you how to easily modify it to run encrypted, for people who want their data secure. If there is any interest I'm happy to share code on request.

Time: 20 min


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I've been wanting to learn about XNodes, so Q's presentation is coming at the right time! Looking forward to it 🙂

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Link doesn't work

I am very disappointed

Gabrielle Quester Aken

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All attached is a PDF of my slides.  The Links from the slides are below.



Class Method Node


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Quentin "Q" Alldredge

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I'm Speaking at the GLA Summit!

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