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Call for presenters.

Hello everyone,


We are looking for presenters willing to present during the next DutLUG meeting in Eindhoven. The meeting will take place on the 10th of September, so if you are considering to present please don't hesitate and contact us by replying to this thread or sending an email to dutlug@vi-tech.nl


All presentations are welcome, all LabVIEW related topics are good, we want you! 😊


If you are not sure if your topic fits, or  you want to present but have no idea about what, we are always ready to help. 


Hopefully see you in September.




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If you're up for having a presentation from the UK present at DUTLUG (remotely), I've been working on a project using the Configuration Editor Framework (CEF) which is using some interesting OOP / recursive techniques. I'd be up for doing a presentation on:

  • The CEF (Creating straightforward configuration panel and test executive)
  • OOP by Ref / design patterns
  • Random bits/techniques I've learnt about developing this project
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