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Meeting 16-06-2022

Dear DutLUG community,


I hereby announce the presentations for our next DutLUG meeting in June.

Stay healthy and see you all soon! 🙂


1. Tom McQuillan of Tom's LabVIEW Adventure - Design patterns in the LabVIEWverse

(This presentation will be in English and Tom will be attending the meeting in person!)


When we learnt G, we were taught how design patterns would make our lives easier because they are “reusable solutions to common software design problems”. This was reinforced when we took the CLD exam and quickly learnt how the QMH was the simple solution to any CLD scenario. So why does our education of design patterns stop after learning about the Finite State Machine and QMH? In this presentation, I’ll take you through some of the lesser-known, but compelling design patterns in the LabVIEWverse.


2.  Paul Verheggen - 8 x 7 Minute Presentations

(This presentation will be in Dutch)


  1. Tweaking the IDE to better distinguish 32 64 bits versions
  2. Active Objects and Concurrency: requirements (only 2 sheets!)

  3. Active Objects: Templates (SINGLETON|CLONABLE) based on a minimal messaging library (NOT AF!)

  4. Diners Philosopher Problem implemented with Active Objects

  5. CRIO on a virtual machine

  6. nng (Nanomsg) on Windows and NI-Linux RT (requires item 5. don't have HW!)

  7. myRIO LabVIEW2020SP1 workaround

  8. issues and solutions IDS uEye C interfacing 32-64 bit library 4.95

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Hi All, here is my the presentation in pdf.




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