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DutLUG - User Group Track tijdens de NI Industry Summit Benelux 2018


User Track!

Na het succes van vorig jaar, heeft NI ons weer gevraagd om de User Group Track tijdens de NI Industry Summit Benelux 2018 (voorheen NIDays Benelux) te verzorgen. Dit is de officiële agenda:



09.45 - 10.30  The Elegancy of OpenGDS

Jan Wijman - VI Technologies

The “Open GDS GOOP Development Suite” (Open GDS) is an elegant tool and framework for developing LabVIEW classes. The build in scripts and tools  are  lowering the entry level for using classes in LabVIEW. The classes created with OpenGDS are very close to the way of working in object oriented design. It is a must have for developers looking for an easier start in Object oriented design within LabVIEW. This will be shown in a practical way.


10. 30  Coffee Break / Visit Exhibition


10.45 - 11.30  Structured Data Storage

Martin Vernhout - Dialog Semiconductor

LabVIEW is very good at Acquire, Analyze and Present, but often overlooked is how information can best be stored and retrieved.

In this presentation we give focus on TDMS, HDF and SQLite database to store data in a structured way (and we explore how to best retrieve it)

A bit of theory and technical background is combined with examples clearly showing the differences and best practices.


11.30 - 12.15  Using the Right Tool for the Job 

Danielle Jobe - VI Technologies

LabVIEW is great at interfacing with hardware. Python has an extensive collection of libraries for complicated data processing. JavaScript lends itself easily towards modern, reactive user interfaces that can be accessed anywhere. Let's combine all three languages, letting each language do what it's great at. I'll talk a bit about the motivations behind it, some different ways of doing it, and of course play with a demo putting it all together.


12.15  Lunch / Visit Exhibition


13.15 - 14.00  Actor Framework 

Maurice Hanique - LVWorks.nl

At a certain point in your LabVIEW career you will be confronted with something called ‘Actor Framework’. You looked into it, read a few abstracts and even installed the NI Actor Framework template. Still you can’t seem to grasp why you would even want to use Actor Framework in your project. It’s so complicated! What’s the deal with all these ‘Messages’ and ‘Actors’. Even the examples are hard to understand. But still, persistent as you are,  there must be something worthwhile…  

If you find Actor Framework hard to understand or you want to know how you can benefit from it, then this workshop is for you. In a practical way I will explain you how you can transform a program based on a State Machine into a highly flexible program based on Actors. It’s a walkthrough that everybody will understand. After this workshop you will at least know how and when to apply the Actor Framework and what the benefits are.


14.00 - 14.45  OO: Case Study in Object-Oriented Design and Implementation: Building a Flexible INI File Library   

Wiebe Walstra - Carya Automatisering

Explore the design of a fancy library for reading and writing config files (INI). The library works by wire or by reference while maintaining all possibilities for overriding through inheritance. Discover how, and why, you can use several object-oriented techniques to achieve these and many other features. 


14.45  Coffee Break / Visit Exhibition


15.00 - 15.45  Editing VI Descriptions & Managing UI Properties 

Stefan Lemmens - Intersoft Electronics

To deliver well documented code and applications we need to enter vi descriptions, help descriptions, tipstrips,... as easy as possible. Wouldn't it also be great to dynamically modify the properties of your UI without having to change your code? I'll explain 2 FREE tools that can make these tasks less of a hassle and show a live demo playing a game of "Simon".


15.45 - 16.30  What's New in LabVIEW 2018 and LabVIEW NXG

National Instruments

LabVIEW is fundamental to test and measurements systems built using NI tools. In this joint session we'll take a look at what's new in both versions of the software so you can pick the best software for the job the next time you create a new system.


16.30  Networking and drinks


Jullie zijn allemaal van harte welkom!

Officiële link naar de agenda van NI Industry Summit Benelux 2018 


Cheers Smiley Happy,


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Hi Pascal,


Klopt het dat het vanaf dit jaar de "NI Industry summit Benelux 2018" is, en dus op 31 oktober 2018 gehouden wordt?





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@San_Punt wrote:

Hi Pascal,


Klopt het dat het vanaf dit jaar de "NI Industry summit Benelux 2018" is, en dus op 31 oktober 2018 gehouden wordt?





Hi San,


NI heeft inderdaad kort geleden bevestigd dat 'NIDays Benelux' nu 'NI Industry Summit Benelux' wordt genoemd.

Ik zal dit topic even aanpassen.



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Ik heb wel een idee voor een presentatie.

Ik heb onlangs DCAF geinstalleerd: Distributed Control and Automation Framework.


Ziet er interessant uit.

Al wat filmpjes bekeken op youtube.

Iemand zin om samen met mij er in te duiken en eventueel samen een presentatie te maken?


Groeten Berthil.

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Hoi Pascal,


Voor de meeting van 13 december wil ik wel praten over Murmex en LabbitMQ. Dat zijn mijn apps die in de Labview Tools Network staan. Murmex wordt binnenkort open source. 



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Heb je iemand kunnen vinden die samen met jou over DCAF wilt presenteren?


@ Marcel

Ik heb je een mail gestuurd Smiley Happy

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Klinkt interessant. Ik kan nergens vinden waar het is. HTC, de strip?



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De agenda is bekend! Smiley Happy

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Vd valk

greetings from the Netherlands
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Hallo allemaal,


Even een korte update. National Instruments heeft de middag keynote laten vervallen, waardoor wij in plaats van 5 slots nu 7 slots mogen vullen. Ik heb de agenda ge-update!


Smiley Happy

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