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X series pcie card driver for Simulink Real-Time

hi, good time i ask this question in multifunction daq forum



i try for 3 week to write 6343 pcie ni card driver, for matlab simulink real time(slrt).


i begin very simple function digital out for starting. matlab R2015b slrt not support x series ni cards but there is lot of m and e series driver for use.


i use 6229 pci driver for template to write 6343 pcie Because of their similarity 


i add device id vendor and i can accesses and see information of base address and virtual address ( the attachment picture)


in DO i change this reg (board bar 1 ->0 , Static_Digital_Output 24 ->4 Static_Digital_Input 24->0  DIO_Direction 28->8  in hex)

but function not work. for now i just want DO .


matlab slrt diver use s function ( c language) 


what wrong ?



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just need very simple routine to set DO(digital output)


i cant use ddk header and cpp files i must write this file in c but for this it was nested files, i cant find clear and correctly what should be do 


in prosperously template(m series ) driver just i find these change but i think not working for x series 

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unfortunately i cant compare m & x series register 

 i have DAQ-STC3 but i Can not find  DAQ-STC2 !!!


if i have it, maybe i should write new driver from previously   



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