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X series EEPROM address for AO Cal

X series EEPROM address for AO Cal



I am trying to find AO Cal info in EEPROM. Based on the manual, EEPROM address is 0x5000 (page 1-3). On page 2-18 it shows AOMode address is 0 and AO_Interval address is ox11. There are also three EEPROM registers address defined on page 6-7. I am a little confused here. Which address is used to store AO Cal values?




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Re: X series EEPROM address for AO Cal

Any one has the answer on this? Thanks. 

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Re: X series EEPROM address for AO Cal

Hello LarryL,


There is no magic number that you can use to always get the AO calibration numbers.  The EEPROM in organized in a way that only some information is at a static address that never changes.  Other pieces of information, such as AO calibration can be at varying offsets. 


Please read the entire EEPROM section of the x series manual to get an understanding of the layout.  Then you can use the procedure shown in the eepromHelper.cpp to see how to get the AO calibration information.


Steven T.

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