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Windows WDM nirlpk.sys issue with windows 7 64 bits

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          I used the MHDDK to program a PCI-6251 driver for VxWorks 32 bits a few years ago and it works fine. I also programed the same driver for Windows XP 32 bits using the nimhddk_windowsWDM package and the nirlpk.sys Windows WDM driver provided with the MHDDK. This last driver is used with a second PCI-6251 for the simulation under a Windows XP 32 bits system before the experimentation with the real material under the VxWorks system. The Windows PC has been changed for a more powerful one, but the new OS is Windows 7 64 bits. The MHDDK readme page :
indicates that the nirlpk.sys file is provided with the Windows WDM package for the Windows XP 32 bits and Windows 7 32 & 64 bits systems. But there no file in the package.

          How can I get this file, or what is the procedure to generate it with the nirlpk material provided with the package? For information I'm using Microsoft VS2015 for the Windows driver development.


Thanks in advance for your help,

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          I retrieved the nirlpk.sys WDM 64 bits driver provided with the old version of MHDDK..... and not provided in the new package. 32 bits and 64 bits drivers were provided at that time. But they have no digital signature and Windows 7 does not allow anymore to install a driver with no digital signature, even by the mean of the bcdedit commands "bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON/OFF" or any other method. So the problem is always there.

          I hope that a WDM .sys signed driver is available somewhere..... and someone can help me.....

Thanks in advance,

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Accepted by topic author phl

Hi phl,


You'll need to turn off driver signing for Windows 7 or sign the driver yourself. NI does not provide a signed version of nirlpk.sys.



Steven K.
National Instruments
Software Engineer
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Hi Steven,


Thanks for the answer. Now the situation is clear. I have to work on another platform before reinvesting myself in this project. If everything works well, I will post the adopted solution in a few weeks.



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Accepted by topic author phl



     For information my project (a 32 bits console application) is running on Windows Seven 64 bits for some time. Actually I have chosen to use the NI-VISA driver for Windows and the .inf file generated by the Driver Development Wizard for my PCI-6251. I used the nimhddk_visa-2.0 package and the examples in C language given in the NI-VISA package installation to rewrite my PCI-6251 driver.



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