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Register level programming for PCI 6733


The information provided online for RLP with PCI-6733 is very limited. Only the register map for PCI-6713 is provided @

However, how the board maps its resources on the PCI bus is not clear. So could you please provide the following information

1. What the manual means by "Base Address" and "Window Address".
2. What is mapped by each of the boards BARs (Base Address Registers).
3. The difference of registers between PCI-6713 and PCI-6733.

If possible, could you please provide a detailed reference for this Analog Output board as for other boards, such as PCI-DIO-96.

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Do you have the MITE manual? You should be able to program the board with those two manuals. I know I did, some years ago 😉 

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Thank you for your reply.


Could you please provide more information about the MITE manual? I couldn't find it on the website.

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Maybe you don't need the MITE manual after all. My documentation (from 2003) lists only the "DAQ-STC Technical Reference Manual - Part Number 340934B-01" and "PCI/PXI 671x/673x Register Map". I don't know where I got the information about the MITE -- one comment in my code suggests, while another one mentions I started rewriting the code to get rid of the comedi stuff (so there must be information available from somewhere else, probably extracted from the DDK).


IIRC the MITE is only used once, for initialization.


I'm sorry I can't provice any code, but the driver I wrote is not openly available. 


Warning: Some of the DAQ-STC information was wrong in the version I used, I had to use trial & error for some of the funtionality.


Check out:


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Thank you very much. The information your provide will definiately help my development.
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