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Pulses generator on pci-6259 with QNX6

I have PCI-6259 DAQ device and I'm programming with QNX6 operating system.

I need make generator of pulses with 100kHz rate on PFI or static outputs.


Does anyone know how to do this or where can I  find any examples "C++" code?

Many thanks,

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Hey Vsevolod,

The DAQmx driver needed for the PCI-6259 does not support the QNX operating system. In order to use your 6259 with QNX you will have to use the Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (DDK) to program the device at the registry-level. More information can be found in the following articles.

Using Measurement Hardware DDK on QNX RTOS

What Is The Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (DDK) And Who Supports It?

Chris Delvizis
National Instruments
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Hey Chris,

thank you for your reply.

I'm programming my driver with the DDK but I do not khow how to make pulse generator.

I read  that it is possible to route internal board timers at output from "M Series User Manual".

For example I want to route 100 kHz timebase to PFI0 and to get pulses from it.

May be it is wrong way and there are more simple solutions. Please, explain me how to make pulse generator with pxi-6259 board.


Many thanks,

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Hi Vsevolod-


If you are using the M Series MHDDK you can use the attached example.  It configures one of the general-purpose counters on the board to output a pulse train that is produced by dividing down the 80MHz timebase on the device.  See the function PulseTrainConfigure() for more information.


Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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