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PXIe-6355 and PXIe-6375

Does the DDK support the 6355 and 6375? The devices.cpp module does not include them. If not what need be done to support these boards.

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I have the same question about the PCIe-6374 board. Did you find the answer? It seems to me that we can simply add another line to the kDevices[] in devices.cpp, and it will work. But of course, if the board has the same type of CHInCh and STC3.

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Unfortunately it is not so simple. The existing DDK data register layout doesn't have a wide enough bank field for more than 64 channels. NI seems unwilling or unable to provide the register layout for the 6375. After some rather tedious experimentation I was able to  make a guess of the correct layout so I got it apparently working. The DDK file that needs modifications is tAi.h.

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Thank you for your prompt reply. So the preliminary conclusion is that it is possible, but might be not that simple. Strange enough though, that NI releases new boards without providing proper updates to the driver. Do you use NI-VISA iBus implementation or nirlpk.ko module to access the boards?

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