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PXI-7953R FlexRIO Custom Drivers



I recently came across the NI Measurement Hardware Driver Development Kit (MHDDK) and all of its associated documentation.


My problem is as follows:


When using RIO to communicate with my FlexRIO device, the latency is unacceptable to my clients (over 5 microseconds to send and receive small amounts of data <150 bytes)


Q: So I hope to develop my own drivers which will be optimized for such data transfers, and my question is,does anybody have any advice of what I should do? 


Q: Does anybody know where I can find more documentation with regards to my PXI-7953R device?  Such as how to use what register to do transfer data to write to a control...etc?


So far I have used NI-Spy to trap all calls made to my RIO device, unfortunately however, none of these functions are documented and I have been unable to reproduce the same results by using NI-VISA.





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Hi John,


For help with the RIO Driver Development Kit, you can send any questions you have to Good luck!

Andy H.
National Instruments
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