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PCIe-6509 compatible with MHDDK



Can someone tell me if the PCIe-6509 is compatible with the Measurement Hardware Driver Development KIT?  Based on some of the forum posts it looks like it may be, but according to this KB it isn't.  I am not sure if this is accurate or if the KB just hasn't been updated. 




Greg H.

FSE - Central Florida

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National Instruments
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Hi Greg,


I'll let one of the Steven's call me out if I'm wrong, but it looks like that KB needs to be updated. (It was last updated, and the PCIe 6509 RLP Manual was published in 2012...)

If you click through the links and guestbook to get to the actual RLP download pages, you'll see the PCIe 6509 listed:


6509 forum.PNG





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