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Hello to anyone reading this. I am new to Labview and FPGA development. My company had an existing FPGA personality developed for the NI7831R FPGA board. We have a project that will use the newer NI7857R board but have the same functionality. We were hoping we could apply the older personality to the new card and it would be plug and play. Compiling and flashing the FPGA personality onto the board went smoothly. The problems arose when we tried to run our custom software to along with the board. We use the 7831R C API functions and they do not seem to be compatible with the new board. 


My main goal is to figure out if this is truly the case, and if it is not compatible how would I obtain the necessary C API files for the new board. I tried using the FPGA Interface C API Generator tool, but I don't believe the files it generates are what I want. I believe I want t7857R.h,, and t7857R.ipp files. NI support sent me here to these forums. Like I said I am brand new to the NI ecosystem, and the engineers that developed the old personalities are no longer with my company. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you for your time!

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I don't think you should get device specific files, although maybe they define the specific resources (FIFO, registers, etc) your FPGA program exports.


Have you gone through these steps and maybe read associated articles mentioned at the end:


Online help to NI-FGPA C API:


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