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Mac OS X Driver for high-speed synchronized i/o


Mac OS X Driver for high-speed synchronized i/o


Hi --


I have been working for a number of years on custom DDK-based drivers for OS X systems.  My clients (in research and medical fields) needed very precise control of output signals while recording data at high speed, controlled by their own custom software (both C++ and Objective C).  Labview was not an option, nor was DAQ-MX-Base, given its limitations, so DDK development was the only real alternative.


I have just added X-Series support to a driver/framework that supports generic DMA-based high-speed synchonized i/o (a/d, counter input, timer output, analog i/o, and digital out). 


I am posting here for a couple of reasons.  The first is to see if there is anyone else out there looking for this type of solution -- i have a very small consortium of clients that is using this driver technology, and adding a few more users could potentially help them to recoup/reduce development costs. 


The second reason for this posting is that I am also looking for another programmer to help support this code in the long term.  I will be transitioning to other projects later this year, and will have to reduce my time signicantly.


If you have any interest or questions, please respond here or to me directly.  I do not have a financial stake in this, other than my time (which is funded by the consortium) -- i'm mostly interested in the long term health of this project.




scott gillespie

scott gillespie
applied brain, inc.
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Re: Mac OS X Driver for high-speed synchronized i/o

HI Scott:


I remember talking to you some time ago.  OS X support from NI being what it is, I would love to 1) get access to your code to use it (M series mostly) and 2) contribute to the code either myself (or possibly my team).  How can I do both of these ?


I was actually myself trying to development a driver for some of their boards for microscopy application, and I found your posting during my "survey of the land".



Prof. Daniel Côté

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