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MHDDK installation on SUSE 11.2



Has anybody successfully installed MHDDK Linux26 driver on SUSE 11.2? 


I've seen the instructions in the MHDDK readme file and I seem to be having trouble setting up and configuring the Kernel source so that the driver will compile.  I wondered if anybody could elaborate further on exactly what steps are required?  I am definitely missing something...  I've rebuilt my system about 5 times - it's time to ask for further directions.







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This is quite a pain.


Here is what I had to do:

1.    Configure kernel sources.  When installing Suse 11.2 from DVD, select the
    'Software' option (at the final installation screen) and add Base
    Development, C/C++ Development, and Kernel Development.  This loads a
    matching source tree to the running kernel.  Then Log in into a root
    console (superuser) and configure the compile environment to reflect your
    actual set up.

    cd /usr/src/linux
    make cloneconfig
    make modules_prepare

2.    Add Module.symvers to /usr/src/linux according to this method:
    cp /boot/symvers- /usr/src/linux
    mv symvers- Module.symvers.gz    (rename file in /usr/src/linux)
    gunzip /usr/src/linux/Module.symvers.gz
    make modules_prepare

    If you don't do this you will get missing Module.symvers warning and your
    module will not install.

3.    nirlpk.c has errors. Remove all variables that had errors.  Just that
    simple - remove the variable or the whole line if it's there by itself.  
    See attached nirlpk.c and

4.    Edit and : the line with 'source'
    generates a file not found error.  Edit to read: 'source ./'
    See attached files. 


I ran ./lsdaq and there is life!


I have not tested uninstall yet.


I am not a Linux wiz.  If you find errors in this please post the 'right way'.  Part of the reason to post this is in case I blow up my system yet again...


Good luck.


- Erick


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