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(MHDDK) How to realize the synchronization of read and write for long time by cart PCI6025E

Hi, before i say anything else, i must say that I'm new to this NI card, QNX and the software to use it... 


Well anyway, I need help and I am REALLY glad i found this forum, because my project is to improve Jack's project by upgrading the write() function to operate at 10 KS/s. I know that I must use DMA and the FIFO to do so, but at the moment I have no idea about how to do it. All this is still really complex to me.


The other improvement I have to do is to make the read() function to be able to read multiple ports at the same time.


Thanks in advance for the answers and hints!

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I am currently completing the project  started by my colleagues Jack and Laurent.  I have solved the multi-input multi-output problem but I have no idea how to implement the DMA memory for output for PCI6025E. I have allocated the memory space necessary but do not know how to access it for outputing.  The examples included in the MHDDK do not provide any clear information on this subject.  If someone can help me, it would be very much appreciated.

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