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M-Series DMA, Scatter-Gather List

I have DMA working, using an M-series board and a contiguous memory buffer.   However, getting a successful allocation of a very large chunk of contiguous memory is difficult, or impossible depending on the size of the chunk.  
So, the next task is to implement SGL (scatter-gather list) DMA.  Is there some sample code, or even just a little more information on the MITE DMA registers that might shed light on this?  
thank you!
scott gillespie
applied brain, inc.
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Hey Scott,


How are you today?  Thanks for posting!  Since you are doing your own driver development, hopefully someone in the DDK group will answer your question.  But I wanted to post to the rest of the community about a bit of info on our M-series devices.

Our M-series devices have the STC-2 chip.  One of the many features of the STC-2 chip is that it includes 6 DMA channels.  Each DMA channel has a dedicated scatter-gather DMA controller for each function.  You can read more about the STC-2 chip at the following devzone article.

M Series Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a bit of background info about scatter-gather DMA transfer.

What is scatter-gather DMA (Direct Memory Access) ?

Rod T.
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