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Instrument Driver for Sierra's MFCs


Hey people:


I'm currently in the process of writing some Instrument Drievrs for sierra's mass flow controllers. The company sended a document that has all the instrument commands needed. This document specifies that, besides having to write the commands, I also need to include 2 CRC bytes + carriage retun.


I do not know what this means. If someone knows what they are talking about with CRC bytes and carriage return, please let me know. Help is much appreciated.



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First, this is the wrong board for your question. The DDK is for creating a DAQ driver. You can post to the Instrument Control or LabVIEW board


Find the definition of CRC here. There are different types of CRC. Determine the type and search the forum for CRC. There are numerous examples. 


A CR is sent with the CR constant on the string palette, by sending a \r with string control/constand set for '\' Codes Display, by sending 0D with a string control/constant set for hex display, or a numeric 0x0D converted to a string with the Type Cast function.


What you would probably want to do is create a U8 array with the hex commands, including the CRC and CR and then convert to a string with the Byte Array to String function.

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Thanks for your help.
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Hey everyone:


I know this isn't the right discussion board, but since I already started this post I'll continue to write on it. After much deliberation I finally wrote some instrument drivers for the Sierra Instruments' Smart Trak 2 Model 100 mass flow controller. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to test them because of problems with the instruments.


Attached to the document are two drivers: (1) to set the units, and (2) to establish the setpoint (flow-rate). It would be great if someone could see if they work and let me know. I've never written drivers before so they will probably have some problems. These are maybe in either the connections or the commands, or maybe in the MB-crc sub-VI that I got from a discussion board (which I've also attached).


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Please let me know what can be done to improve these drivers. Thanks.



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I'm sorry but i'm unable to test your VIs as I don't have your device. Maybe another poster would be able to help?/
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hello, I need your help, download the files of the drivers, and I can not open them, I want to see if I can provide information to manage the flow controller in lab view ...... thanks for the attention and an apology for my English

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What happens when you try to open the files?  I was able to open them without a problem (the first two VIs give an error because they are part of a library that was not posted, but you can go to File»Disconnect From Library after opening the VI and you should be able to save/run the VI without any problem).


If there is a version incompatibility, please let me know and I will try to get them saved to the right version for you.

Eric B.
National Instruments
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