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DDK Example for PXI-6225

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Hello, I am trying to get the DDK AI examples working for a PXI-6225 board and always receive an output value of 10.599597. I have AI 0 (pin 68) shorted to AI 8 (pin 34) which should result in a value of 0.0 VDC. I have also tried to connect a 9V battery to the terminals and stilll get the value 10.599597. I know the board is working because I see all of the correct values in the Measurement and Automation Explorer. I have already programmed a PXI-6511, PXI-6513, and PXI-6704 board using the DDK examples so I am fairly familiar with the DDK example setup but I can't get this example to work no matter what I do. Please help!
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Accepted by topic author Computer Dude

Hi Computer Dude-


Which MHDDK example are you using?  Make sure you remove the call to adcReset() as it is only applicable to 625x devices.  Also, make sure the convert output polarity (selected by aiPersonalize()) and the gain setting and scaling coefficient lookup (see ai.h and scale.h) match the values you're going for.


I also posted some 6225-specific tips in this thread.


Hopefully this helps-

Tom W
National Instruments
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