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Mapping Tags having Arrays Data Types



My employer is getting prepared to build a new application that will utilize 10,000+ single point values @ 1000Hz for machine control and data acquisition. I have read some of the DCAF documentation and I have a question regarding mapping tags of array data types.


Here is an example:

We have a formula type channel (one of many channel types). The value of the formula channel is the result of a calculation using up to 5 other channels.

We have 100 of these formula channels that are each calculated with a unique formula and unique set of 5 channels.

Each formula channel has about 10 attributes. These attributes are value, label, alias, ch1, ch2 etc.

This lead me to make a Tag that was an array of that attribute. So my Tags are:

Formula.Value            Array of Double

Formula.Label            Array of String

Formula.Alias             Array of String


Now element [0] in each tag is the attribute for the first Channel. [1] is the 2nd Channel and so on.

After making all my tags for my std engine I selected the Mappings under the Tags column I do not see any available Tags.


I am concerned that Tags of array types will not be able to be mapped to Channels of the same array types.

What am I missing?


Note: If I use Tags with single values I will have to create about 1000 Tags just to handle this the formula type channel. That means I will need about 30,000 to 40,000 tags for the project. This is not an ideal solution.





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