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USB-6000 + NIDAQmx + QT

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I'm looking for the USB-6000 device and i wonder if it's possible to use it with QT creator (C++) using the NIDAQmx driver ?




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You're here on the french board. Your question is about the NI DAQmx driver support, so a better place to request support is the Multifunction DAQ board (Discussion Forums » Most Active Hardware Boards » Multifunction DAQ).


I think yes, it is possible. See this Knowledge Base, NI DAQmx can be used from C/C++ development environment.


You will find help for the driver, with function reference on this page : http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/370471AE-01/


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I can affirm that it's compatible with QT and very easy to use.

Good product.

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