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Pas de version 64 bits de NI-DAQmx pour OpenSuse leap 15.x

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I can not find any NI-DAQmx driver on NI's site for OpenSuse leap 15.1. The most recent version I've found is a NI-DAQmx base 15.0 32 bits that I tried to install but it failed. Does a base 19.0 version (64 bits) exist ?

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You posted in a french speaking section of the forum, you'd probably get more helpful answers on the Linux user section here : https://forums.ni.com/t5/Linux-Users/gp-p/5097


Good luck to you

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Antoine Chalons

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Accepted by topic author PatrickSDT

Je ne l'avais pas vu, mais tout est expliqué à partir de la page suivante : http://www.ni.com/download/ni-linux-device-drivers-2019/8283/en/

Merci de votre aide et de votre lien qui m'a permis d'installer les drivers avant même de dépouiller le contenu du lien ci-dessus.

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