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Afficher des données sur un graphe





I try to apply a trigger on a 7 kHz sinuosidal signal on a graph. At this frequecy, it's impossible to see any information correctly. I know there is a Trigger And Gate function but entry datas are waveform. I work with a FPGA and my datas are int16 type. I try different ways to convert my values to apply the Trigger function without success. 

You will find screens of my program, I display DETM and DETC signals coming from my FPGA (and I focus on DETM for now).

The function between my signals and the display is just used to convert values of my signals.


Thank you.



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You need to convert your data from 'uint16' type to 'signal' type. 
Here is a snippet VI that will help you acheive this step. 

Please view this document for more information on the signal type: https://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361R-01/lvconcepts/dynamic_data_type/



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