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Installer build unsuccessful

Installer build unsuccessful


I cannot make a Labview Installer. It shows the following dialog message:
The following file(s) are not found on the system:


Visit the Request Support page at ni.com/ask to learn more about resolving this problem. Use the following information as a reference:

CDK_Item_OnDoProperties.vi.ProxyCaller >> CDK_Item_OnDoProperties.vi >> CDK_InstallerConfiguration_Editor.vi >> CDK_Build_Invoke.vi >> CDK_Engine_Main.vi >> CDK_Engine_PreBuild.vi >> CDK_Engine_FileExists.vi


I don't know what to do.

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Re: Installer build unsuccessful

Hi Xchiquete!

This problem is most likely related to a driver you updated recently or a driver that you are including, i.e. daqmx, and it's not being correctly included. Try the following and check if it works for you, i included some links to related cases which may also help you, hope it all goes well Emoticono feliz

1. Delete the "Application" folder which was created after the unsuccessful builds.
2. Uncach the folder in the Build Specs
3. Copy your driver CDs to your hard driver and point to the newly created folder






Oswald Branford

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