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Roborio not reimaging

My team currently has two Roborios that fail to reimage. Both are running on firmware version 6.0.0f1, and we have tried every possible solution online. We have tried running the Imaging Tool as administrator, booted the Roborios in safe-mode, disabled firewalls and anti-viruses, and renamed the laptops to alphanumeric names. None of them these solutions have fixed the issue, always throwing the error seen in the attached image. It seems like we need the USB reformat solution.




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dmo0721, thanks for reaching out - sorry to hear you're running into this. 


Since you've already tried safe mode, I've emailed the recovery file (and instructions) to the email listed on your profile. Please let me know (either there, or here on the forums) if that works for you or not.

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Thank you, but I have not received anything in my email.

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Well that's annoying. I suspect your email provider blocked the email because of the attachment. Can you private message me with another email that we can use?

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Alternatively, I've sent you another email with a link to get the file from our ftp server (so if that one goes through that will work as well).

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