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Roborio not imaging

Hello, I need help imaging one of our roborios. 

I can change the firmware from 6.0.0f1 to 5.0.0f1 and back to 6.0.0f1 but every time I try to reimage the OS, it fails after about 10 minutes with a "Unable to download image to target" Error.

I have tried with images:

and they all give the same error. 

I power cycle and it always comes back up to 3 blinking status light sequence, it always comes back to safe mode after a power cycle, even when I don't try to make it go into safe mode.

It currently reports image version FRC_roboRIO_2015v23  

Please send me a fix if you can, thanks.

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Solved. Mshafer helped me.

What I noticed was that the triple flash became a double flash after using the rescue image.

I think the double flash means at that point that the rescue put a V2 firmware (old) and says requires update in the normal tool.

the double flash also meant that no OS image was present, just firmware I believe.

I updated firmware to v6 and then put a 2021 v3 OS image on it and it now responds.

Thank you,


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