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Roborio Status blinking continuously


Serial #: 31BE6A8

P/N 115213F-01L

MAC 1: 00802F28AE8B


No longer discoverable with Imaging Tool.  Status light flashing.  Firmware corrupt.  Will not go into Safe Mode.  Attempted PowerShell, but no luck.  Need file for flashdrive.  Been on hold for over an hour.  Frustrated. 

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Ooof!, Thanks for posting and letting us know.


Unfortunately, the USB recovery method requires getting into safe mode.


Is there anything connected to it beyond power and the USB/Ethernet your trying to talk to it with? (if it's serial ports are enabled and there's something plugged into one of them it can cause issues with trying to load up).

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Correction, we can try the recovery USB without SafeMode, I'll DM you details.

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Sounds good!

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