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Roborio Cannot Image

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There are three roborios in our team that cannot be imaged


P/N:155213F - 01L



P/N:155213D - 01L



P/N:155213F - 01L



Now we need help.Due to the firmware issue of version 2021 3.1,they all have the same problem, the only solution is to use the USB initial firmware reset

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Hi Richard,


Thanks for reaching out.


Before we try the USB reset/recovery method (because if that doesn't work only remaining option is to RMA the rio), can you attempt (or confirm that you've already attempted) using safe mode and the 3.0 version? 


(details on safe mode here:

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I have tried this way,but I can not connect to roborio. The status light keeps flashing,only two lights are I think that the usb method is the only way to fix them.

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Accepted by topic author Richard1991

I sent an email to the address listed on your profile with the recovery file and instructions. Please report back (either via email or here on forums) and let me know if that works for you.

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it works.thank you so much.

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