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RoboRio2 Unrecoverable error

We've been trying to image our Rio for a couple weeks now. It's come to a point where the status light continuously flashes, which means there is an 'Unrecoverable error' on the Rio. 

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Fortunately, "unrecoverable error" is a per-boot error.


To confirm, are you using the SD card imaging process? (

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So it seems someone went in behind me and removed the SD card from the Rio.  We put it back in, and the error resolved.


We flashed the SD card with the balenaEtcher last week.


However, we are still unable to image the Rio.  We downloaded the new image, "", but when we try to run the Imaging Tool, we're now getting a "General install error", code -2147220352.

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Are you getting an error opening the imaging tool? or do you have an older version? (you should have version 22.<something> - as shown in the top of the window)

with the roborio2, we only need to set the team number using the imaging tool -

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We can open the imaging tool just fine.  We downloaded new versions of it, Phoenix Tuner, etc., a couple weeks ago.


The Rio itself doesn't need to be imaged? We've imaged now two SD cards, but when we plug it in, we can't find the Rio on Phoenix Tuner to start IDing CAN devices to test code.

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:(, I'm not seeing any reference to the roborio2 in Phoenix's documentation. I don't have a roborio available to test with.

If you have
- imaged the SD cad 

- Set the team number



and still can't see it in phoenix tuner,
- can you check if this works: ( apparently they re-added a software install to the target.

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That worked!  CAN devices now showing up in Phoenix Tuner!  Thank you so much!

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