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RoboRIO v1 won't image or update firmware



I am trying to image my RoboRIO to the 2022 image, however I have run into some issues. 


When trying to update the image, it said the firmware was corrupt, so I tried to reinstall the firmware on the device. (I was already running 6.0.0f1). However, when trying to reflash the firmware, I run into this error:





I am running Windows 10. I am plugged in directly over USB and was able to successfully reimage another roborio just before this one. The status led DOES NOT continously blink.


Here are the things I have tried:


- Restarting my computer

- Running the program as admin

- Starting the roborio in safe mode

- Disabling all firewall and antivirus software

- Tried a different computer


Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated




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The symptom sounds similar to a firewall blocking the connection to the roboRIO. Ensure you have enabled the Imaging Tool through the Windows Firewall and that there is no antivirus software blocking the connection (I recommend disconnecting from the internet during the time you disable any firewall or antivirus, if you chose to do so).


You can also upgrade the roboRIO's firmware through NI MAX: Upgrading or Downgrading Firmware on an NI Linux Real-Time Device 


Other things:

  1. Can you ping the device through USB (
  2. Which firmware does it currently have?
  3. Have you tried with a different USB cable?
  4. Can you try with an Ethernet cable from the roboRIO to your computer instead of the USB?


More information: FRC Firmware Update Failing 



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I was able to flash the new firmware on the RoboRIO by switching USB cables.


Thanks for the help!



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