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RoboRIO not imaging

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Hi Robotheosis,


Couple of things we should try before the usb recovery method (since you shouldn't need the password to complete a firmware upgrade):

* Using the imaging tool (not MAX) to format and then update firmware on the target - 

* safe mode -


Also, when you say the default password, you mean blank, right?


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Hi, thanks for that. What's strange is in safe mode it's still asking for a password — I've tried multiple times. I have used the imaging tool, the problem is I can't image without updating firmware, the RoboRIO is so old (version 2-ish) and it says minimum version is 5.0-ish to reformat, so I'm sort of stuck. Need to update firmware but that asks for password, again even in safe mode.


By default I do mean blank yes. I've also done admin admin, root admin, admin password, all that basic stuff.


Thanks so much for your reply. This is a frustrating problem. Everyone on the team who was around during this RoboRIO's use is long gone.

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I've emailed the recovery file (and instructions) to the email on your profile.

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My roborio cannot be imaged too,the status light is blinking,can you send me the recovery file?

My e-mail:


Thank you

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hello, i have the same problem, can you help me?
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First question, do you have the roborio1 or the roborio2?

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Hi @mshafer!, we have the same problem with the roborio 1, can u help us?

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Hi! We have the same problem with the roborio 1, @mshafer, can u help us?

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@rashest, following up in direct message

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hello thanks for the reply. Robrio 2.0. I tried everything for 3 days, unfortunately it doesn't work.


Can you send me the recovery file? Or we will be very happy if you can contact us remotely and help us (using team viewer)

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