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RoboRIO not imaging

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My roboRIO abruptly stopped communicating to the driver station on 30 March 2021. The status light was flashing twice, which means "Software error, reimagined roboRIO". 


On 30 March, I download the FRC Game Tools. The roboRIO Imaging Tool sees my roboRIO. I have firmware version 6.0.0f1 so there is no need to re-download firmware. When I click "reformat" the roboRIO I get a popup error as shown below. I've disabled firewalls and antivirus software and ran the imaging tool as administrator. I've tried putting the roboRIO in Safe Mode. I've tried using 3 computers. I've spent hours on the forum and the consensus seems to say I need technical support with a USB file or new roboRIO???





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Thanks for posting on the forums, sorry to hear that this is not working for you. Since you've already tried safe mode and different computers, I'll send you details on how to do the USB reformat in a direct message.



Edit: it looks like you have private messages disabled, so I sent it to the email listed on your profile.

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Thank you for your suggestions,

I followed your instructions. I downloaded the recovery.cfg file, tried 4 USBs formatted with FAT32 with no luck. I also bought and tried an externally-powered USB hub. In each instance, I held the reset until the status light goes solid but the status light starts to flash as soon as I release the reset button.



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Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for USBs to fail.

The fastest fix will be trying more USB drives. The behavior you're describing is what happens when the USB drive doesn't match timing.

Alternatively, we can go through the RMA process and when the roboRIO gets back here, it'll be fixed, listed as no trouble found, and join the RMA pool later.

But, this takes far more time than fighting through to find a working USB (and then making a point to keep an eye on that one to use it for future needs).

Please let me know what you would like to do.

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Thank you for your reply,

I will try more USBs at the moment but would like to keep the RMA process an option. If I cannot get it working in the near future I will reach out to you to start the RMA process.



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I would like to start the RMA process.



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(You can read more on the announcement here:

To start the RMA process:

  • You must make a post in the Hardware section of these forums and troubleshoot with an NI engineer to see if you can resolve the issue! Most RMAs can be sorted out at home and it saves you the waiting for a replacement to ship! (already done)
  • Fill out this form completely: RMA Form
  • Wait to be contacted with further information (within a business day, typically) 


At this point in time, NI is still providing RMAs free of charge. We continue to appreciate our partnership with AndyMark who kindly handles shipping roboRIOs. Please don't reach out to AndyMark regarding RMAs--NI will provide updates to you! We also appreciate your patience here as we navigate doing this in a COVID-safe way!

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Thank you for your help. You are correct - it was a timing issue that caused the USB drives to fail. An older, slower USB worked! Hence I won't need the RMA.




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I am having the exact same issue.  I have tried multiple computers, even SSH and nisystemformat -f -t ubifs && nisystemformat -f -t ubifs -c  .  I believe i may need the mystical recovery script I keep reading about.

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Hi mshafer, sorry if this isn't the right way to do this, I'm a bit new here. We are also looking for the recovery.cfg file as we have lost the admin password for the RoboRIO (tried everything, including the default) and can't upgrade firmware without it. Would really appreciate if you're able to provide!


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