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RoboRIO 2.0 not imaging

We have recently acquired multiple RoboRio 2s and are attempting to image them so we may test them on our test robots.



Yet whenever we attempt to image these RIOs using RoboRio 1 software we seem to have no success. The main issue that we are having with these RIOs is that there seems to be no connection with any other forms of software. As in the RoboRio Imaging tool nor Pheonix Tuner is detecting these new Rios via USB, radio, or ethernet cables. Yet we can connect to there IP address through the web browser when wired in. 


So what would be some possible issues to properly install firmware and connect to this device properly? Or are these tools only going to be released at kickoff?

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I am having the same difficulty. I am able to ping the Rio2.0 on both ports. SSH and imager tool do not appear to function. Http functions but provides no ability to perform any functions.  THe team would like to test some of the devices functions before next season. Thanks


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We are also having the same issue with the roboRIO 2.0 not being recognized by the Imager application. We have three intermittent blinking lights on the Status light indicating Safe mode, but no way to image the roboRIO.

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Same issues as you all over here too. Cannot find the RoboRio 2.0 while using the imaging tool. 
We are able to ping it, we have tried entering safe mode, and multiple laptops. No luck. 

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The roboRIO 2.0 requires a different image than the original roboRIO.  If you're using the released FRC Game Tools, you won't be able to image the roboRIO 2.0.  The upcoming FRC Game Tools 2022 release will have imaging capabilities for both devices.


That said, it looks like there are a few teams here that have a roboRIO 2.0 in hand and are excited to get working with the roboRIO 2.0.  For you, I'd encourage you to consider applying to the beta program.  Kevin O'Connor announced the beta in a blog here:  In his blog, he mentions there will be unlimited teams allowed into the beta this year.  As part of the beta testing, there's an early FRC Game Tools 2022 beta build that includes an image for the roboRIO 2.0.


Alternatively, the final installer will be released closer to kickoff.

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I'm on the beta program and experiencing issues imaging the roboRIO2.  

The error message suggested 5 things to try 

1. run imaging tool as admin

2. disable anti-virus

3. put roboRIO in safe mode and then try imaging

4. try using a different computer 

5. contact NI support


Using the latest imaging tool: FRC roboRIO Imaging Tool - Version 22.0b14, I received the error message saying that the tool failed to download image to the target.  Reviewing discussions from another beta tester, I imaged the SD card with in order to restore firmware.  Then, I tried imaging the roboRIO with FRC_roboRIO2_2022_v2.3. zip.  


The first 4 suggestions did not work so I'm reaching out for some assistance from NI support forum.  I'm attaching some screenshots from my attempt at imaging.


Thanks for your assistance!


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