Discovering and Imaging the Device

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Failure to image

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Do you happen to know where in settings, I was unable to find it when I looked, but might have missed it. 


Checked and changed the name of the computer. 


Where can I find a copy of 5.0.0 firmware?



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For the DM, it's in settings -> preferences -> Private Messenger -> "Turn on private messages"

For computer name, does 6.0 work with the new computer name?

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I am trying to upload 6.0 now so no it doesn’t work with the new name 


I do not have another firmware. 

Private messenger is not an option in my preferences under settings. 


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Accepted by amschmidt2

I sent you the information on using the usb recovery method to the email listed on your profile.

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Thank you for your help.


This method was successful

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