Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and Precision DC Sources

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which DAQ module to use to measure AC microvolt to volt range

i need to measure energy harvesting power signals which are RAW AC and vary between 1 micro volt to 10 volt, which DAQ hardware module shall I use. Pls provide me adequate documentations. I am very new to this place to ask such a simple question.


thanks all.

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Hey Javeed,


Welcome to the boards!  Tell us more about your application, so we can focus on the proper equipment. 

What overall accuracy are you looking for (1uV, 500nV, etc)? 

How many signals are you looking at (1, 3, 10, etc)?

Do you need to sample simultaneously?

Will you be measuring the 1uV and 10V signals simultaneously, or are those two different test conditions?  I'll elaborate when we know more, but in short, the 6 orders of magnitude difference between measurements is going to limit the overall sensitivity we can achieve; you won't be able to achieve 1uV accuracy if you're also looking for a 10V range.

How fast is your signal (50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, 100kHz, etc)?


Without this additional information, my first recommendation is the PXI-4071 DMM, but we can definitely look into other options once we know more information. 


Have a great day!

-John Sullivan
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thanks for your reply,


I am not worried about the accuracy unless it is reasonable,


I am considering 6 signals,


Yes, all the 6 signals will be analyzed simultaneously,


It is 1 single condition, wideband, the signal can vary between 1uV to 10V AC.(Also suggest me DAQ module, if the range is confined to 1mV to 10V)


Signal is not fast, should not be more than 50Hz.

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Hi Javeed,


Are you mainly concerned with amplitude or frequency/phase measurements for your signals? Do the signals have a DC component and if so can they be AC Coupled?

Steve B

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Yes, I am mainly concerned about the frequency and amplitude measurement of the AC signals generated in my energy harvesting/generating setup. No the signals dont have a DC component.

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